National Personnel Records Center is staffed and operational during the current government shutdown


The National Personnel Records Center is staffed and operational during the current government shutdown.

The purpose of this e-mail is to establish contact to both inform and assist Veteran Service Officers with helping veterans.  I work at the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St Louis, MO and our facility relocated two years ago, however we still receive requests for copies of records at our previous location.  The US Postal service will stop forwarding mail in the future, so using the right mailing address (and the up to date version of Standard Form 180 or our web application will be critical).

Requests can be submitted by web (with a faxed or mailed signature page) at:

(NOTE: NPRC is part of the Federal Records center program and NOT shut down)

Requests can also be submitted using Standard Form 180.  Please do not print and stockpile hugh amounts of this form as it is revised periodically.  It is best to download a copy as needed or have a few on hand.  It is best to have a link on your web page rather than a copy of the form:

We will also be modifying our web site in the future to include information specific to VSOs.  Attached is have some informational material for further distribution to all your county VSOs.  We both provide services to veterans, retirees, and their families.  We are trying to assist our customers.

Thank you.


EPA has still not yet finalized their report on dioxin and cancer

As Vietnam Veterans and family members of Vietnam Veterans, many of us are unfortunately painfully familiar with the health hazards of dioxin.  Decades after soldiers were exposed to Agent Orange and dioxin in Vietnam, EPA has still not yet finalized their report on dioxin and cancer.

The EPA’s landmark report-the “Dioxin Reassessment”-still remains a draft, which has stymied the agency’s development of federal dioxin regulations for over 25 years.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson pledged to finalize this assessment by December 2010.  Nearly four years later after EPA’s self-imposed deadline, we are still waiting for this assessment to be complete.  In August 2011, EPA announced a plan to complete both the cancer and non-cancer assessment. EPA’s non-cancer assessment was completed in February of 2012, thanks in part to pressure from Vietnam Veterans, yet the cancer assessment has still not been completed eighteen months later.

Dioxin has been classified as a known carcinogen by government authorities around the world including the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the US Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program (NTP).   Yet, EPA’s cancer assessment is still not complete.  Americans have the right to know about dioxin’s cancer hazards.

Medical care and counseling services for Veterans

Please note,  on Oct. 8, the VA Benefits Offices will close until further notice, due to the Government Shutdown.

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors in Maui and Hilo will be on furlough status and their offices will be closed.

The Guam Benefits office located at 770 East Sunset Blvd, Suite 165 in Tamuning will also be closed. The Honolulu office located in the E-Wing of the Tripler Army Medical Center Campus will be closed.

Status changes will be provided as available.

Please note, the VA Pacific Islands Health Care System, Ambulatory Care Clinic, Community-Based Outpatient Clinics and Vet Centers, continue to remain operational for medical care and counseling services for Veterans.

For current and additional information pertaining to Veterans services and benefits affected, please refer to:

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance to spread awareness……


My name is Doug Karr and I am a former Petty Officer Second Class for the United States Navy. I currently write about veteran health for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance at As you probably know, this is an extremely deadly disease that unfortunately affects many of our nations veterans and heroes. People do not find out that they have mesothelioma until long after exposure to asbestos (sometimes over 20 years) and early detection is key. If you could link to our site to assist with awareness efforts, I believe your visitors would get valuable information on a disease that is affecting more and more veterans every year.

Thanks so much for your help and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.



Mobile Vet Center Vans for Veterans

Mobile Vet Center (MVC) arrives on Oahu.

The Island of Oahu is now one of 20 locations with a Mobile Vet Center(MVC). The MVC is a 4 wheel drive, Ford F550 with a Customized cab ordered by the VA’s Readjustment Counseling Services (RCS) to serve as an Outreach vehicle.

The MVC is one of the initiatives that resulted from the VA’s Strategic Plan to ensure that Veterans and their family members are aware of their VA benefits and that they are taking full advantage of the multitude of VA programs.

The MVC arrived in March 13, 2012 and has already participated in an Outreach event on March 31, 2012. It was also mentioned in the Star Advertiser and local TV shows.

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