Agent Orange claims

WASHINGTON ………….. The Department of Veterans Affairs announced that nearly 230,000 claims have already been processed for the three newest Agent-Orange related conditions through June 2012, including over 150,000 claims required to be adjudicated under the order of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in Nehmer v. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  The near completion of these complex = Nehmer claims enables VA to redirect 1,200 employees who were dedicated = to reviewing the Agent Orange cases toward addressing the current backlog of disability claims.

I am proud of our VA employees who worked hard to complete = these Agent Orange claims, putting over $3.6 billion into the hands of = our Vietnam Veterans and their survivors,said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki.  We completed all of the Agent Orange Nehmer claims for living Veterans, and are now focusing on the fewer than 500 remaining that will benefit survivors.

The Education Center at The Wall

The Can Do Spirit of Maui

Janna Hoehn is a petite, determined woman from California. She and her family have lived on the Island of Maui for more than 20  years. She is active in the community and her day job involves creating world class floral arrangements for the many weddings and events in Maui…..

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Adecco in the recruitment of engineering and information….

Adecco Engineering and Technical, a division of the world leader in the recruitment of engineering and information technology professionals, has an immediate opening for a Field Support Technician with a leading company in the field of navigation equipment for automotive services.

Our client offers turn key solutions for installation, operation and maintenance of some of the best navigation equipment on the market.  This equipment is deployed in automobiles for some of the worlds largest providers in the rental business, there is never a shortage in work to be accomplished when contracting for a client as deeply rooted in the industry as ours is.  If you are looking for a stable work environment, are flexible to travel a great deal within the Hawaiian Islands and are savvy in electronics and installation projects, please apply today!

Job Summary:

Performs installations, de-installations, maintenance, and field modifications to ensure reliable performance of navigation equipment using Navigation Solutions’ approved methods and workmanship standards. Maintains customer relations on an operations level and provides technical assistance to rental car companies personnel and customers on product functionality. Position may require limited travel at some locations.

Position Requirements:

  • High School graduate preferred
  • Minimum of 1 year professional 12-volt installation experience or formal electronics training such as a certificate, degree or MECP certification, or satisfactory combination of work experience and formal electronics training.
  • Capable of individual quality decisions independent of direct supervision, setting proper task priorities, efficiently managing time and company resources.
  • Good problem solving skills for on the spot resolution to customer concerns.
  • Basic computer, customer service, problem solving and good communication skills required.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license and be willing and able to work outdoors in all types of weather.

Primary Accountabilities:

·        Perform installations, removals and audits for the navigation systems in rental cars

·        Audit all navigation units in the ready-to-rent area to ensure that units are functional and in proper working order. Check antenna revision, condition and SNR level, verify correct wiring, system time and location, determine start-up condition and repair as necessary; check for current instruction cards and software version, and upgrade hardware/software as applicable.

·        Assist customers with product functionality and respond, if directed, by a director or program manager, to off-lot customer issues within a 10 mile radius of the lot

·        Maintain product inventory as necessary

·        Perform maintenance of installed products as necessary

·        Identify opportunities to maximize installed units and keep shelf inventory to a minimum

·        Present professional image in conduct, attitude and appearance

·        Submit regularly scheduled field reports as required


 Eileen Bonner

Senior Technical Recruiter

Adecco Engineering and Technical

1860 Howe Ave, Suite #130

Sacramento, CA  95825

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VA Continues PTSD Outreach with AboutFace Campaign

Veterans Provide Video Testimonials on Experiences with PTSD WASHINGTON (June 20, 2012) – In observance of June as PTSD Awareness Month, the Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has begun a new online initiative, AboutFace, focused on helping Veterans recognize PTSD symptoms and motivating them to seek treatment.

“We must do all we can to help Veterans identify possible indicators that they may be suffering from PTSD,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki.  “It requires a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to be effective.  We hope that this initiative, while just one aspect of our program, will play an important role in that effort.”

The AboutFace campaign introduces viewers to Veterans from all eras who have experienced PTSD and turned their lives around with treatment.  Through personal videos, viewers will meet Veterans and hear how PTSD has affected them and their loved ones.  Visitors will also learn the steps to take to gain control of their lives.

AboutFace, which is PTSD specific, was designed as a complementary campaign to VA’s current Make the Connection ( campaign.  Make the Connection uses personal testimonials to illustrate true stories of Veterans who faced life events, experiences, physical ailments, or psychological symptoms; reached out for support; and found ways to overcome their challenges.

“VA is committed to ensuring the men and women who bravely served our Nation can access the resources and services tailored for them that can lead to a more fulfilling life,” said Dr. Robert Petzel, VA’s under secretary for health.  “We want Veterans to recognize themselves in these stories and to feel optimistic that they can overcome their challenges with proper treatment.  We set aside this month of June to urge everyone to increase awareness of PTSD so those in need can get effective treatment that will enable them to lead productive, fulfilling and enjoyable lives.”

AboutFace launched in June in time to help bring attention to PTSD Awareness Month.  It is located on the National Center for PTSD website,  There viewers will watch as Veterans candidly describe how they knew they had PTSD; how PTSD affected the people they love; why they didn’t get help right away; what finally caused them to seek treatment; what treatment is like and how treatment helps.

VA provides effective PTSD treatment and conducts extensive research on PTSD, including prevention.  Those interested in further information can go to to find educational materials including courses for providers on the best practices in PTSD treatment and the award-winning VA/DoD PTSD Coach Mobile App for electronic devices, which provides symptom management strategies.

These campaigns are part of VA’s overall mental health program.  Last year, VA provided quality, specialty mental health services to 1.3 million Veterans.  Since 2009, VA has increased the mental health care budget by 39 percent.  Since 2007, VA has seen a 35 percent increase in the number of Veterans receiving mental health services, and a 41 percent increase in mental health staff.

In April, as part of an ongoing review of mental health operations, Secretary Shinseki announced VA would add approximately 1,600 mental health clinicians as well as nearly 300 support staff to its existing workforce of 20,590 to help meet the increased demand for mental health services.  The additional staff would include nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.

For more information on AboutFace, visit or contact the National Center for PTSD at (802) 296-5132.

Franchot warns veterans of email scam

Wednesday – 6/6/2012, 4:39am ET

WASHINGTON – They look real, but they’re fake.

Emails are going out to military personnel and some civilian workers, suggesting that if they’re receiving disability benefits, they may be eligible for more. And, of course, all they have to do is send their vital financial records — Veterans Affairs award letters, retiree account statements and DD214s — off to an email address in Florida.

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot’s office is warning that it is a scam. It’s made to look as though it was sent by Defense Finance and Accounting Services. The email even has a .mil domain. Franchot’s office says don’t take the bait.

Franchot reminds anyone getting unsolicited emails to beware. If you’re being offered something in exchange for personal/financial information, definitely have your guard up. If a mailing purports to be from a bank or government agency, contact the institution directly and independently to see if there’s anything to that email.

Homeless Female Veterans

I am asking that you disseminate the following information on a program designed for homeless female veterans anywhere in the United States to your Veteran Service Officers for consideration.

Thank you in advance for the consideration.

Nancy Worth

WOW Volunteer


I am writing you on behalf of the Women of War program near Belle Fourche, SD.

The mission of Women of War, or WOW, is to educate and/or train the woman veteran who is currently homeless so she can become a competent, viable member of society. The program is intended to help her reclaim her life through integrity, dignity and hope.

WOW is unique in that it provides an all female population but can, in certain circumstances, accommodate women with children.

WOW is located on the north edge of Belle Fourche, SD (French for beautiful forks) with shopping, a walking path along the river, a variety of churches and a recreation center with an indoor pool for year-round swimming and recreational activities. It is a small, safe and quiet town that will allow the veteran to regain stability in her life while pursuing the goal of being an independent individual.

The site is a separate group of buildings, on the edge of town, which overlooks Belle Fourche, faces the prairie in two directions and the beautiful Black Hills on the other.

Since the facility is designed to help the women to learn life skills, the residents are required to share in household chores, participate as a volunteer, recreational planning as well as other group activities. Unlike many other programs, WOW works with the residents to develop a personal financial plan which encourages things like saving money for the purchase of a vehicle, first and last month’s rent, or a reserve to keep them from falling back into homelessness.

Do you have anyone that you currently work with or represent who might fit our program? Do you work with a veteran who is excited about expanding her horizons, to be gainfully employed or wishes to seek further information? If so, you can call the Women of War program at 605-723-8672 and ask to speak to a staff member or email us at or with your questions about the program.

Thank you for your consideration.

Women of War Program


FAX 605-723-8673

Paul Laub

Maui County Veterans Council
(808) 442-2450