Picture Catalogue, and much more.  Even if you are not into this you might want to pass this treasure trove on to others who are. 
      •  <> Aviation                                                            Pioneers
      •  <> World                                                               War I Aces
      •  <> Hall of Fame of                                                 the Air
      •  <> WW2                                                                European Theater (ETO)
      •  <> WW2                                                                Pacific Theater (PTO)
      •  <> WW2                                                                US Marine Corps
      •  <> WW2                                                                US Navy Aces
      •  <> WW2                                                                Mediterranean (MTO)
      •  <> WW2                                                                German Aces
      •  <> Korean                                                             War Aces
      •  <> Russian                                                            Aces
      •  <> Vietnam                                                            Era Aces
      •  <> Airplanes
      •  <> World War I                                                      Planes
      •  <> 1930sAircraft photos
      •  <> WW2                                                                Fighters
      •  <> WW2                                                                Bombers
      •  <> WW2                                                                German Planes
      •  <> WW2                                                                Airplane Pictures
      •  <> History of Airplanes ___________                     blog
      •  <> Nose                  Art                                          WW II 
      •  <> Postwar                               __                         Jets
      •  <> World War Two_     
      •  <> WW2                                                                Facts and Firsts
      •  <> WW2                                                                Medals
      •  <> WW2                                                                Museums
      •  <> WW2                                                                Pictures
      •  <> WW2                                                                Ships
      •  <> WW2                                      __                       Weapons
Someone put a lot of effort into this. 
Click on any link for WW2 Information.

Little Fire Ants On Maui!


The Dept. of Agriculture has confirmed that Little Fire Ants have been found on Maui, imported on hapu`u tree ferns from the Big Island.   Lowe’s and Home Depot nurseries have not yet found all the ferns that they sold.  Timing is essential!

Little fire ants have the potential to destroy our very way of life on Maui and severely damage our economy.  They have already impacted the Big Island in a terrible way.  We need to do everything we can to try & contain this threat.  The damage they could do to our lands, homes, agricultural endeavors, pets, recreation, and the tourism industry are incredibly serious.

Please watch this documentary and pass it on to everyone you know


Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery Rules…..

Dear Members of our Armed Forces, our Veterans, our family members, and our Veterans Organizations,


We have been receiving complaints concerning violations occurring at our Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery at Kaneohe.  These infractions have been taking place during the weekends and on holidays when the State Cemetery Staff is not on duty.  We have repeatedly passed out information to our Veterans through the Oahu Veterans Council over the last three months and through briefings with Veterans Organizations as well as with members of the general public during our weekday operations.  Unfortunately, the violations have persisted.  Consequently, the State Office of Veterans Services is reviewing measures to place uniform security on duty for these periods.  Security personnel will advise clientele visiting the cemetery of the rules violation, present them a copy of the rules and regulations, and ask them to comply.  If they choose not to comply, the uniformed security will request that they leave the cemetery.  If they are still non-compliant, the uniformed security will contact the Honolulu Police Department for removal and enforcement.  There is no plausible reason for the latter to ever occur.  For those loved ones who are buried at our State Veterans Cemeteries, we accomplish pre-burial meetings with all families and they sign an agreement concerning the rules and standards for the cemetery. These cemetery rules were established to maintain respect, honor, and dignity for all those who are buried and those who visit these hallowed grounds.  Attached are our current cemetery rules and standards.  These rules apply specifically to our Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery in Kaneohe, but we are asking our County Directors on our neighbor islands who maintain our Veterans Cemeteries to adopt these measures as well to ensure these high standards are maintained.  Please feel free to share this info with your fellow Veterans, your family members, and finally, your friends.  Our goal and objective is to ensure our State Veterans Cemeteries are maintained at a level of excellence…we owe this to the sacrifices of all those who have made these hallowed grounds their final resting place.

Thank you in advance for your kokua and assistance!


Ron Han

Please click here for Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery Rules

Adult Day Health Program

I am passing on information about our Adult Day Health Program.  Please feel free to pass this on or let us know if there is any chapter / organization / group that might be interested in this program.

Admission & Eligibility

Private Pay Rates

Mail Packet Checklist

Responsible Party Contact Info

Admission Application 2010

Physician Letter For APP   

H & P

Physicians Orders

Michelle Draculan, RN, is the Adult Day Health Program Director.  She is available as a guest speaker and to give interested parties tours etc.

Thank you
All the best,

Georgia Otterson
Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home
1180 Waianuenue Avenue
Hilo, Hawaii 96720

Michelle Draculan, RN
Director of Adult Day Health
Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home
1180 Waianuenue Ave.
Hilo, Hi 96720
(808) 961-1504