Women Veterans Task Force Draft Plan Released

VA Seeks Public Comment on Strategies

WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs is releasing for public comment a draft of its strategic report to address key issues facing women Veterans. The plan outlines steps for improvements to care and services for women Veterans that are sustainable, accountable and a part of the department’s culture and operations.

“Expanding care and services to women Veterans is too important to limit ourselves solely to the views within the department, so we are seeking feedback from all stakeholders, most importantly women Veterans themselves,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “The VA must be visionary and agile enough to anticipate and adjust not only to the coming increase in women Veterans, but also to the complexity and longevity of treatment needs.”

Shinseki formed a task force to develop an action plan to address women Veterans’ issues. Since then, the group has conducted a broad survey of department experts to identify those issues and organize them by priority. The draft report is an interim step prior to VA finalizing its overall plan.

The report comes at an important juncture in VA’s history that demands a review of the quality, quantity, and types of services and programs it provides to women Veterans. The number of women Veterans using VA has increased 83 percent in the past decade, from about 160,000 to over 292,000 between fiscal years 2000 and 2009, compared with a 50 percent increase in men.

 Women are now the fastest growing cohort within the Veteran community. In 2011, about 1.8 million or 8 percent of the 22.2 million Veterans were women. The male Veteran population is projected to decrease from 20.2 million men in 2010 to 16.7 million by 2020. In contrast, the number of women Veterans will increase from 1.8 million in 2011 to 2 million in 2020, at which time women will make up 10.7 percent of the total Veteran population.

 VA is training providers in basic and advanced topics in women’s health through mini-residencies, and over 1200 providers have currently received training. Comprehensive women’s health care can be provided within three different models of care, including comprehensive women’s clinics; separate, but shared, space women’s clinics; or integrated primary care clinics. All of these clinic models ensure that women receive all of their primary health care (prevention, medical, and routine gynecologic care) by a single primary care provider. A network of medical directors and program managers who coordinate care for women Veterans now encompasses all 153 medical centers in the VA Health Care System.

 The public notice and instructions for how to submit comments will be posted at www.regulations.gov. The draft written report will be open for comment for 30 days, and responders will have a number of options to provide both electronic and written feedback. Readers will also be able to participate in a public discussion board on the Internet at: http://vawomenvetstratplan.uservoice.com/forums/159415-general.

 To view the report without making recommendations, please visit VA’s website at: http://www.va.gov/opa/publications/Draft_2012_Women-Veterans_StrategicPlan.pdf.



On May 1, 2011, the Defense Logistics Agency awarded a grant to a non-profit limited liability corporation by the name of Ho’okipaipai LLC under the Office of Hawaiian Affairs through a cooperative agreement to continue services to Hawaii business as the Hawai`i Procurement Technical Assistance Center (HI-PTAC). There are ninety-seven PTACs across the nation. They form a national network of procurement professionals dedicated to providing you with: 1) an understanding of government procurement requirements, 2) guidance on how to evaluate and respond to solicitations, and 3) how to win government contracts.


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Hawai`i PTAC provides a wide range of assistance to businesses through professional and specialized training and technical assistance. All assistance and training is free of charge.


One-on-one sessions with our counselors to instruct businesses on how to obtain government solicitations, prepare bids or offers, and win contracts.

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VA Eliminates Copayment for In-Home Video Telehealth Care

WASHINGTON Beginning May 7, the Department of Veterans Affairs will no longer charge Veterans a copayment when they receive care in their homes from VA health professionals using video conferencing.

“Eliminating the copayment for this service will remove an unnecessary financial burden for Veterans,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “We will continue to do everything we can to ensure that Veterans have access to the first-class care they have earned with their service to our Nation.”

This change will primarily benefit Veterans with limited mobility, such as spinal cord injury patients.  Whenever medically appropriate, VA will make the home the preferred place of care for Veterans to ensure timely and convenient access to VA services.

For more information about telehealth, visit:  http://www.telehealth.va.gov/.

Data have shown that expanded use of technology in the home enables patients with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, chronic heart failure and hypertension, to live independently, actively engage in managing their health, and prevents avoidable hospitalization of patients who otherwise may need long-term institutional care.

Home telehealth does not replace the need for nursing home care or for traditional noninstitutional care programs. However, it enhances the ability for many veterans to better understand and manage chronic diseases.  This partnership with their care team helps delay the need for institutionalization and enables them to maintain independence for an extended period of time, thus improving their overall quality of life.

Fort Hood recalls all Vietnam vets

Fort Hood recalls all Vietnam vets

FORT HOOD, Texas — The III Corps commanding general would like all Vietnam veterans to join Fort Hood in a Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Ceremony May 21 as part of the Corps’ Phantom Warrior Week.

From the Commanding General…

During the ceremony, Vietnam veterans will receive the same fanfare present-day Soldiers receive when they return from Iraq and Afghanistan. The veterans will parade onto Sadowski Field in front of hundreds, perhaps thousands of supporters who appreciate the sacrifices they made 50 years ago.

After the ceremony, veterans are invited to view the traveling Vietnam Wall and static military vehicle displays. The day will end with a festive barbecue.

Vietnam veterans who are interested in participating in the Welcome Home Ceremony, can register online by clicking on the Phantom Warrior Week logo here.

While Vietnam veterans will be notably recognized on the parade field, all veterans are invited to attend the events and should also register. Some events have limited availability and will be open on a first come basis.


During the week, various sporting events will be held for the active-duty Soldiers and at the weeks’ end, May 24, Vietnam veterans are invited to participate in the III Corps Commanding General Lt. Gen. Don Campbell Jr.’s “Pass in Review” with Fort Hood units on Sadowski Field prior to the presentation of the coveted Commander’s Cup.

Event Information

Broadcast Quality Video of the General’s PSA are available at:

:30 http://www.dvidshub.net/video/142841

:60 http://www.dvidshub.net/video/142852

For more information contact:

Fort Hood Public Affairs Office
Media Relations
(254) 287-9993
(254) 287-0106
fax: (254) 288-2750
Fort Hood, TX 76522

U.S. Department of Transportation Co-Sponsors Month-Long National Online Dialogue on Transportation Issues

U.S. Department of Transportation Co-Sponsors Month-Long National Online Dialogue on Transportation Issues Affecting Veterans, Military Service Members, and Their Families May 7-June 8

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Invites You to Participate in a National Online Dialogue on Veterans Transportation

“Strengthening Transportation Choices So We Can Serve
Those Who Have Served Their Country”

America’s fighting forces and military personnel stationed around the world do a superb job of protecting our rights and freedoms here at home by performing their duty every day, and as a grateful nation, we must do ours.

Now more than ever, we must address the family, home, and community challenges facing our all-volunteer force as thousands return home, and as thousands more seek jobs, education, and medical care for themselves and their loved ones. Many of them have indicated they lack access to transportation for work, school, medical care, other health services and recreation or leisure activities.

That’s why President Obama has directed that the U.S. should deliver the best possible transition services for personnel returning to civilian life—and offer new avenues of support for other veterans here at home, including access to reliable, affordable, accessible transportation.

Over the past six months, the Administration has committed over $60 million for innovative projects and partnerships around the U.S. that will enhance access to local transportation services that meet the needs of returning service members, including wounded warriors, veterans, and their families. (Learn more about these investments.) This vitally important effort will help these men and women connect with the opportunities they need and deserve—from jobs and job training centers to schools, hospitals, day care centers, and recreation. But, we know more can be done to help communities and service providers connect with this population. So we need to hear from everyone—individuals and their trusted stakeholders as well as local transportation providers and community leaders. This is why we are holding a national online conversation about the best ways to address the transportation challenges.

We want to listen closely to the men and women who are returning to civilian life, pursuing jobs, and education, and settling children in school—and to our wounded warriors who face additional challenges. We also want to listen to all who strive to serve them. Learn more about “Strengthening Transportation Choices So We Can Serve Those Who Have Served Their Country” or visit www.projectaction.org starting May 7 to register and add your voice to the conversation!

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