Women Veterans Survey

Elevate Your Voice in the 2024 CalVet Women Veterans Survey!

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ROLL CALL: Calling on all California Women Veterans


Your voice is instrumental, and now is the time to make it heard loud and clear! We’re thrilled to invite you to participate in the 2024 CalVet Women Veterans Survey.


This survey is about amplifying your experiences and insights to shape a brighter future for all women veterans in California. Your stories, challenges, and triumphs matter deeply to us, and by sharing them, you empower us to enhance our support for you in meaningful ways.


Together, we can cultivate greater cultural competence, ensure you’re fully connected with your benefits, and gain a deeper understanding of the unique journey you’ve embarked upon as a woman who has served our nation.


Join us in making a tangible impact—your feedback is the catalyst for positive change! Take the survey today and let your voice resonate throughout California and beyond.

Click Here to Take the Survey Now

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