Veteran Services Division

Dear California Veterans,

First, I would like to wish you and your families a very Happy New Year! The 2021 year certainly came with its challenges and again required all of us to remain vigilant for the health and safety of our families, flexible to the changing landscapes of work, school, and home life. Similar to the year 2020, 2021 required a steadfast resilience that, at times, could be exhausting if not all together overwhelming. However, 2022 is here and with it, and every new year comes renewed promise, hope, and inspiration.

The Veterans Services Division (VSD) will look to assist California’s veterans and their families as they stabilize and secure their surroundings in 2022. Every month, we will feature an area of focus while providing you outreach, service, and training opportunities in support of the theme to assist you all in reaching your goals for the new year.

The focus in January will be on employment as we host a series of webinars that provide connections to numerous career opportunities offered through federal, state, and private employers. We will also highlight opportunities to start your own business, training through apprenticeship programs, resume writing, and interview techniques.

Currently, there are over 2400 federal employment opportunities in California and over 3800 employment opportunities with the State of California. Work for Warriors, a program operated through the California National Guard and our long-time partner, will also be joining the series of webinars. In fact, Work for Warriors and its cohort of employers are currently offering more than 1800 openings in a variety of occupational fields throughout the state.
Please join CalTAP on January 11th, 18th, and 25th to learn more about employment opportunities available for you. Additional opportunities to connect with individual employers and learn more about their companies will be available throughout the year. Check out our upcoming webinars and archives page for more information.

Again, Happy New Year…and we look forward to a happy and healthy 2022!

Keith Boylan

Deputy Secretary, Veteran Services Division

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