USS Arizona Memorial Dock Update

Subject: USS Arizona Memorial Dock Update


We are writing to provide you with our monthly update on the current status of the repair of the USS Arizona Memorial and its dock. In our previous communication, on March 28, we informed you that we had awarded the contract. We will send you updates by the end of each month, or sooner if we achieve a significant milestone. A similar email is being sent to your staff in Washington.

Memorial Dock Update:

The contractor, Silver Mountain Construction LLC, is thus far on track with timely submittals. The NPS received insurance and bond information from the contractor, as well as the list of subcontractors they will be using on the project. The NPS issued the Notice to Proceed to the contractor on April 4.

The NPS has approved all requisite associated pre-construction plans (Water Quality Management, Waste Management, Spill Prevention, Survey Plan for ESA-listed Species, Site-Specific Best Management Practices, Construction Site Plan, Traffic Control Plan, and Staging/Laydown Area Plan). These plans have been forwarded to regulatory agencies, where applicable, such as the State of Hawaii for review of Water Quality Management, and the US Navy for review of traffic/construction/staging in Pearl Harbor waters.

Other pre-construction activities, such as the approval and procurement of materials for the repair, are ongoing.

The next major milestone is a pre-construction meeting with the NPS, US Navy, the contractor, and applicable subcontractors scheduled for the second week of May. Mobilization in the field will occur after this meeting, with on the ground construction projected to begin the week of May 22.

Shoreside Dock Update:

The US Navy conducted a shoreside dock inspection last month and it was determined that the dock is still anchored to the harbor floor. Thus it is not at risk to break away and create a navigation hazard, as was feared. The NPS and the US Navy, with engineers from both agencies, are now considering alternatives for keeping the dock in place rather than removing it.

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