​Great news!
I called the company we ordered all our Granite for our new house to ask them about granite for the Monument. I asked if they could give us a discount, explaining the project. Not only did they give us a discount they are donating all the granite ($3,000)…. I then called the shipping company we used for all our construction supplies for our house… they waived the shipping fee for us….($500) I then called our Granite fabricator here on Maui, he is donating his time to cut the Granite!!! (have no idea on cost… but plenty) The only thing we will have to pay for is the engraving, we will be within the budgeted monies!
I have ordered the Granite, it sails on Monday and will be here mid month…. it will be directly delivered to the fabricator, he will confirm with Walker Industries before fabricating. He will deliver fabricated pieces to Maui Monuments for engraving. He will pick up and deliver to Makawao Veterans Cemetery and will adhere to concrete base.
Ron Han has been contacted for placement for concrete base.
There are so many generous people in the world… and lucky for me the Granite company, his Dad was a Marine!
Thrilled to have the ball rolling, Completion is marked for Memorial Day 2018!!!
Happy Dance  Janna

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