Russian AA-12 Shotgun

Subject: FW: Russian AA-12 Shotgun

Very interesting

Very interesting… think we might do well to import some of these.  You can be sure they will be coming north … that is unless the US Gov starts “selling & tracking” them to drug dealers in Mexico….!   I think the comments on the M-16 are overdone, but we did have considerable problems with them early on.


Subject:  Russian AA-12 Shotgun


The Russians invented the infamous AK-47, which was the weapon that took out a lot of our troops in Vietnam . You could run it through the mud, never clean it, and it would fire 3000 rounds without jamming. It was dependable because it was built with a lot of slop, what engineers call wide tolerance, to operate under any condition, including sub-zero weather.

The counterpart US M-16 was responsible for more US servicemen deaths because it was undependable, would jam if a mosquito crawled into the mechanism and required constant cleaning. After firing 2 dozen bullets the barrel would glow red, the extractor would jam and the plastic stock would melt. The only thing it was good for was marking the spot where the soldier was buried. After 16 modifications the M-16 was introduced by a subsidiary of Mattel, the government contractor. Not widely used anymore it performed marginally better but still was plagued with the original design flaws. Since then the military has tested and introduced 14 new hand held weapons, many very high tech, and some very scary weapons with amazing lethal capabilities. These did not come about without huge costs to supply each serviceman.

Some will disagree, but we continue to fight insurgencies and terrorists equipped with the AK-47 and our troops still encounter casualties, but more casualties from improvised devices and low tech approaches to lethality.

Now the Russians have developed a new weapon that every terrorist and hunter would equally want to own. It is the AA-12 fully automatic 12 gauge shotgun that is capable of a 28 round quick release magazine. Leave it in a barrel of mud it will still fire on command and there is absolutely no recoil, a ten year old could operate this weapon and never miss with a choice of 3 different loads and shot spread patterns.

This weapon is being dubbed, the Alley Cleaner, and soon this gun will find its way into drug and gang warfare currently being waged in the streets of America.

It’s available on the Internet and is being shipped to Canada and Mexico . You would be surprised at the price….for under $700, it comes with 5 magazines, w/o shells.

The comparable semi-automatic 20 shot short barrel unit used by many SWAT teams sells for around $1200.


How’s this for home defense? Impressive when he takes it out of the barrel of water……….I thought it was going to blow up!

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