As a quick intro, some of you are receiving this direct invitation to support this event for the first time, and some have been involved since its inception many months ago.  I apologize that not all of you had a personal invitation nor consistent coordination from day one on this heartfelt, worthwhile, event from me or NKKW.  Both Chelsea and I will be jointly covering the Coordinator role to ensure that there is a timely info flow and available POC.  However, there is time now for the Aloha of many veteran and community groups and individuals to come together to make this not just a good event; but an incredible, unforgettable event.  ‘All hands on deck!’  My sincere MAHALO to all of you that are hanging in there, and to all of you that will be joining us.

As we are now counting down the final 30 days, it is greatly appreciated if all can attend at least one of these two meetings – or make contact by email, text, or phone – so that you can be in the loop and determine how, when, where you can assist.  Every one of us has a contribution at this point to the level of success we will achieve in honoring and welcoming home our Maui Vietnam Veterans – the dream is about to become real.  =)

There will be an Event planning meeting held this Friday, October 13th, tomorrow, at 7:00pm, at the Cameron Center to synchronize our groups and individuals efforts for a successful Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Welcome Home Banquet.

The subsequent meeting will be on Tuesday, October 17th, at 6:00pm, at the Cameron Center.  We are setting additional meetings as each work session wraps up, and it is determined what needs to be done in between and when we next need to meet to continue moving forward.

Please check your emails midday for updates on the meeting room at the Cameron Center before all meetings.

I am very happy to attach all three of the pending documents for you to share as far and wide, as quickly as possible:

Donation Letter

Donation Form

Event Flyer

If larger sizes, or posters, of the flyer is needed – please respond to let me know the specifics.

I am also happy to report that we have already raised over $13,000, and secured the assistance of the Lahaina Town Action Committee to run the November 2nd Friday Event Silent Auction with our items and all proceeds going towards this Event.

There are many amazing things happening as the pieces jump in to place!

Please RSVP if possible for the upcoming meetings so the amount of handouts can be a close estimate.

Hope to see a lot of smiling faces tomorrow and / or Tuesday!

Aloha Oe,

Michelle Almeida

for Na Koa Kahiko Wahine

(808) 347-3239


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VVB FrmLtrCombo_v101417

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