Veterans On-Line Application (VONAPP) Transition

Veterans On-Line Application (VONAPP) Transition

As of September 27, 2017, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will no longer operate the VONAPP website which formerly hosted many applications for VA benefits.   On August 13, 2017, VA stopped accepting applications for VA benefits through the Veterans On-Line Application (VONAPP), all forms for applications have already transitioned from the website. Veterans, Service members and family members may continue online submissions through VA’s Vets.Gov and eBenefits websites.

The following categories of applicants are the last to transition from VONAPP:

Education Beneficiaries – Veterans applying for education benefits will now submit benefits applications through This applies to forms 22-1990E, 22-5490, 22-1995, 22-1990E, and 22-5495 previously available on VONAPP.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Beneficiaries – Veterans and qualified dependents will now apply for benefits through eBenefits

Pension and Burial Beneficiaries – Veterans and Survivors applying online for pension and burial benefits from VA will now do so exclusively through Pension applicants will now find form 21P-527EZ at Individuals applying for burial benefits may do so using form 21P-530 at   

Questions and Answers

Will VONAPP be available for any VA applications?

No. VONAPP will no longer be available for VA forms and applications. Applicants will be redirected for all benefits applications formerly located on VONAPP.

 Who is affected by the transition? 

VONAPP hosted online applications for education, vocational rehabilitation, pension and burial beneficiaries. Beneficiaries will now apply for these benefits through eBenefits and

Will existing applications need to be resubmitted? 

For the majority of applicants, existing applications will not need to be resubmitted. For Veterans and dependents who started applications but did not submit, these applications must be submitted through either eBenefits or

 Are there other options for submitting applications? 

Yes. Many applications for benefits can be filed in person, through VSOs and by mail. Applicants will find each application process and options for submission at eBenefits or

Will applicants be redirected for new applications? 

Yes. The eBenefits website is hosting a VONAPP transition page with application information and redirect links.

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