Members might recall that the MVRA board made a proposal to the council over a year ago with respect to utilizing outside services to aid in the enforcement of unpermitted short term rentals.  It seemed that the proposal was pushed aside, then elections came, and then we started into the 2017-2018 County budget.  In the current budget cycle, council member Cochran requested funding for outside services to work on enforcement, and the budget that passed second reading today INCLUDES this funding.
How would this work?   Companies such as STR Helper and Host Compliance scan advertising sites nightly seeking new ads or changes to existing ads.  Using a variety of big data tools, they compare property tax information, permit information, details of properties from many sites, to determine if an ad is for a legal short term rental.   This action would reduce the need for community members to report rentals via the RFS process.

We are hoping that the big data approach to enforcement will be a game changer.  It’s worked for other communities on the mainland, and we’re hoping it can be just as effective here. The key will be what the planning department does with the data provided. Will they follow up and issue notices of violation to unpermitted offenders, or will they continue to concentrate enforcement efforts only on permitted operators who forget to renew and those seeking permits?

The Planning Committee will be discussing this enforcement topic on Thursday.
LOCATION:  County council chambers
DATE:   June 1, 2018
TIME:   9:00am
State legislation update
The State process is so different from the County process that it’s difficult to follow.   Although many bills were put forward with potential impacts, none of them passed.
– TAT tax is unchanged and remains at 9.25%
– The “Airbnb” bills failed, and they will not be collecting the tax at this time.  We believe these bills will resurface in the future.
Maui County shines at Charity Walk!
Once again, Maui County collected more donations than any other County in the State (including Honolulu). Maui County raised $1,159,053.   100% of this will benefit local charities.
MVRA raised over $11,000 dollars and placed second in the “business” category.

A huge MAHALO to all of our members that donated.
Permit Renewal
Check your renewal date!!   If you’re even one day late, you will need to start the permit process all over again.  YES, that’s correct, if you submit your renewal late, it will be refused.  CHECK THE DATE, AND ADD MULTIPLE REMINDERS SO THAT YOU DON’T FORGET!!  Start early, as the State can take a while to process the tax clearance.
Council member contact info
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