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Band 22

They trained, competed, fought, and died together…

USS Arizona’s Last Band was born at the United States Navy School of Music in Washington, DC in January 1941. It died in its entirety on 7 December 1941.  Band Unit 22 is the only musical organization in the United States Navy to have been formed together, trained together, transferred to a battleship together, competed together, fought together and died together.

Hawaii Pops honors the men of Band 22.  The music in this concert will contain selections that were played in the Battle of Music on December 6, 1941 and other selections from the era.

Special performance by Jim Nabors.

December 5, 2014

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor – Hangar 79

7:30 PM

Table Seating – $95

General Admission Seating – $45

10% discount for active duty and retired military.  WWII veterans, Pearl Harbor survivors and Medal of Honor recipients from any conflict will be invited as Hawaii Pops guests.

Food and beverages will be available for purchase and welcomed into the concert.

Tickets available through our website or by calling Honolulu Boxoffice at


A portion of the proceeds from this concert will be donated to Fisher House at Tripler Hospital and The Wounded Warrior Project.

This concert is not part of our regular season and not included with season tickets.


Pearl Harbor Day Ceremony 2014 



Retiree Ten Day Tour Package For 2015 

To All,
Mike Kim, the Strategic Planning Director for the Dragon Hill Lodge and Resort in Seoul, Korea will be in Hawaii from December 1st to the 4th, culminating with a tour presentation at the MOAA Christmas dinner on December 4th at Camp Smith.  The Dragon Hill Lodge is operated much like the Hale Koa Hotel in Waikiki.
While he is here, he would like to meet or speak to individuals, couples or groups to present the retiree ten day tour package for 2015.  The program runs for ten days and includes tours, breakfasts, lodging and perhaps, two dinners.  The cost PER COUPLE is $2,600 which does not include air fare.  Extensions can be arranged and we took a trip to Jeju Island last year.  Note that we went by air and not by ferry.  Eligible military retirees or active duty, may sponsor or reserve up to three rooms including theirs at the Dragon Hill Lodge.  The other two room occupants, as your guests, do not have to be military connected.
A copy of the October 2014 package is attached to give you an idea of the program.  Note that this group was comprised mostly of Hawaii residents.  Next year’s tour dates are being worked on.  If you would like to view videos and receive more information of the other programs for military eligible personnel, let me know and I will forward it to you.
If you would like to meet with Mike, he will be staying at the Hale Koa Hotel and is available for meetings, breakfast, lunch, dinner or just coffee to present the details of the program.  If interested, you can contact me or email Mike directly at:
I highly recommend this tour.

Sunny Young
(808) 486-5070

Ewa Commemoration 

This is for an Ewa commemoration we are having Saturday

December 6, 2014. You and your family are also

invited as it is free and open to the public. The location

is in Ewa by Ewa Village and the Hawaiian Railway

museum, off Roosevelt Avenue by Pride Baseball Field.

Invitations sent to Governor elect David Ige and Mrs. Dawn Ige,

Senators Schatz, Hirono, Representatives Gabbard, Hanabusa,

(rep elect) Mark Takai, etc.

David Ige and wife Dawn Ige have family ties to Ewa and

Ewa Plantation. Ige’s grandfather was Okinawan and Ewa

Plantation was the first place early Okinawan immigrants

worked. Ige’s father volunteered for the highly decorated

100th Battalion, 442nd RCT and received a Bronze Star

and Purple Heart while in Italy. Dawn Amano Ige was

born and raised on Ewa Plantation and her family has

memories of December 7, 1941.

We are extending a special invitation this year to veterans

of the 100th Battalion, 442nd RCT and Military Intelligence

Service. Many Okinawan Americans from Ewa played very

important intelligence and scout-interpreter roles in the

Pacific War and we are reaching out to the Hawaii Okinawan

community. Okinawan farmers also provided a great deal

of the fresh food and base support services to Ewa Field and

MCAS Ewa during WW-II.

The Ewa event will be supported by the military and various

local veterans groups and civic organizations. This is the

7th annual event and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Addition information is in the invitation regarding the

commemoration. We all look forward to seeing you

there if you can attend.

John Bond, Point of Contact

Ewa Historians

2014 Ewa Field commemoration



VBA Benefit Workshop


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