The X-47B is a drone!! Interesting!

The X-47B is a drone!!  Interesting! – Click here

Please  read the commentary before watching the video.

U. S. Navy  successfully conducted take-offs and landings from a fairly new nuclear  aircraft carrier, the USS George H.W. Bush, with a new stealth jet  called the X-47B.
What is so different about this plane is the fact that it is a ‘drone.’  Yes, it is  completely unmanned.  Drones come in all sizes, and the X-47B is likely one  of the larger ones.
What is so ironic about all of this is the fact that the enemy  cannot detect a plane like this in the first place.   In the  unlikely event they get lucky at shooting one down, there will be no  human loss of life or captivity.  As you view the flight deck crews  signaling the plane, they are simply signaling the on-board cameras,  which in turn are being manned by staff inside the Command Intelligence Center (CIC) onboard the ship.

One thought on “The X-47B is a drone!! Interesting!”

  1. As a VET, {NAM era} I am against any form of unmanned craft, unless great controls and transparency are placed. With a fleet of un manned craft, ONE man, could control and start a war. of course, we are concerned about WHO is operating them. been studying this for over a year, watched the trials…….. yes, these craft will take G force that no man can take, it has come down to, who do we trust.
    many of us know who we cant trust.
    God bless America

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