Medicare Advantage Plan

Hi Friends Who Are Medicare Recipients:
You should consider signing up with the Medicare Advantage Plan I currently represent. You pay no additional premium over and above the Part B payments you are making right now.

The benefits of this plan includes the following:

Hospital Care:    $0 annual service category deductible. $0 co-pay. Plan covers 60 lifetime reserve days. $0 co-pay lifetime reserve day. Except in an emergency, your doctor must tell the plan that you are going to be admitted to the hospital

Home Health Care: $0 co-pay for Medicare-covered home health visits

Doctor Office Visits: $0  co-pay for each Medicare covered primary care doctor visit. $0 co-pay for each Medicare covered specialist visit

Health Maintenance: Free membership in the YMCA

The plan also includes drug coverage , vision, routine dental check-ups, acupuncture, hearing services etc.

My Boss is here from Oahu to educate all my friends and clients about this plan today and Wednesday. Please come to our meetings at the Deacon Joe Borges Meeting Room at the St. Anthony Church Center today from 2-4PM and Wednesday from 10AM-12Noon or call me at 357-6676 to make an appointment.  You have until Dec. 7th to make your selection of that Medicare Advantage Plan you want to be covered by starting 1/1/14.

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