Hi to Veterans from an Aussie Vet.


Hi Gentlemen.

As fellow vets I have taken the liberty of dropping you a line. My apologies if you deem it inappropriate.

All of us have experienced a defining moment in our lives… Vietnam . In my case it determined how I would spend the best part of my life.


In 1990 I went back to Vietnam and 4 years later finally got approval to set up an aid group on the southern coast around Vung Tau…I finished living there for two tours 1994-2000 and 2004 to 2007. The corruption of the Hanoi Government finally drove me out with attempted graft of some $57,000.

Very pissed off I commenced to put it all down on paper and in 2011 published my book..544 pages with pics…… ‘The Quiet Australians. Saints and Sinners’  and sin I did and in-between managed to save a few Vietnamese kids, the poor and the impoverished.


As Vets, I trust you will appreciate that our tours of Vietnam as allies were parallel, both during and after the war.

I respectfully ask that you take a look at www.thequietaustralians.com  for more information. The book is also available on KINDLE.

The book has received great reviews on Amazon in the US where it is available.

I again ask respectfully that you may find a way to notify your membership of the book.


A  side-story is that in 1998 I purchased a set of US Army  ID tags in a market in Saigon…I put them up on Military.com on the Buddy page and got a hit from a veterans daughter in the US and sure enough they were his, lost in battle up near the DMZ. I couriered them to his daughter who gave them to him as a 50th birthday present. He has retired to Florida and rides his Hog daily. We are in touch from time to time and I may get over to visit him and the family. (How the tags found their way from the DMZ to Saigon nearly 30 years later is a mystery)




Paul Murphy.

Founder AVVRG 1994.


Now available on KINDLE.

“In pre-op, I was asked yet again..’do you have anything in you that you were not born with?…I replied…’Attitude’..the nurse patted my shoulder and smiled.

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