Impossible Shots Special : The Old Sniper

Impossible Shots with Ted Gundy

It really did start with an e-mail message from Ted Gundy. He was already a viewer of Shooting USA, so he knew how to send me a message.

He wrote that he couldn’t imagine how today’s snipers made shots out to 1,000 yards, that he couldn’t have done that when he was a sniper during the Battle of the Bulge. And, while he had always been a shooting enthusiast and a hunter, he wondered if I could arrange for him to try a shot at that distance.

I did the quick math, The Battle of the Bulge was 1944. Ted Gundy had to be in his 80s. So I wanted to know if Ted was real, if he could still get around, that he was of sound mind. His daughter Michele came into our conversation and she was first suspicious that this might be some kind of a scam. I assured her the conversation was real and we were considering a plan if Ted could travel.

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