Film of Japanese Surrender

Those of us who are old enough to remember, will certainly recall General Mc Arthur’s voice.

THIS is a priceless piece of film from our history….

This film is believed to have never been seen before, only still shots of the surrender were known.

If you are a history buff you will enjoy this. General McArthur’s voice is a rarity in these old film clips.

Japanese Surrender- Amazing Footage Sept 2, 1945.

This is a ‘must see’ for the WWII history buff or anyone interested in history.

Interesting,  the other signers to the document, from New Zealand/Australia to Europe/Russia.

This is an actual film made of the surrender ceremony of the Japanese to McArthur in Tokyo Bay in September 1945.

Actual voice of the General. Never been shown to the general public before! We always saw the “stills” but never the film itself.

Japanese Sign Final Surrender

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