WWII history P-51’s on Iwo Jima (incredible pictures!!)

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P-51’s on Iwo Jima (incredible pictures!!)

Take your time and scroll through each pic. Just put your pointer on the picture to get the dropdown info.  Click on the picture to see in full size.  Some WWII Iwo Jima photos not normally found in today’s “quick” history updates.  A tiny Island, apparently some amazing crosswinds and quite possibly the volcanic grit did not make the best surface for runway operations, or for the aircraft engines,  that were  very  hard working, for sure…

Here are some of the best WWII pictures I have seen.

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One thought on “WWII history P-51’s on Iwo Jima (incredible pictures!!)”

  1. I knew Capt Harry Crim in Dayton after the war. He gave me advice that I still use to this day.
    He said ” Keith always aim for the top of the mountain” I went on into aerospace and worked on the Apollo Moon Program in Flight Control. Steering the Saturn Five.
    I still honor Capt Crim. He never told me he was an Ace.

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