Do You Remember The Ventures?

This is neat whether you remember them or not.

For those of you who remember this group and their song, “Walk, Don’t Run.”
here is a clip of them now with their original drummer who is now an Air Force Four Star General: (July 1978 – August 1980, maintenance officer and later, commander, 1st Aircraft Generation Squad ron, Langley Air Force Base, Virginia)

1998.March 1st.Walk Don’t Run with General George Babbit

Do any of you remember the USAF Four Star General George Babbitt from Tacoma, WA? Anyone who thought the military is all spit and polish and discipline?Pretty interesting. General Babbitt was a drummer at one time for the Ventures. This is cool. Watch it. You will love it if you like rock n’ roll.Some of you probably don’t remember the Ventures. Those that do, enjoy the above clip. It should bring a smile to your face.


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