30th Anniversary of the Groundbreaking


On a cold and windy day in 1982, one hundred veterans with shovels turned the earth in unison to start the construction of The Wall.

To continue our commemoration of this important moment, we’ve created a video to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Wall’s groundbreaking. Please take a minute to reflect on the beginnings of The Wall by watching this video and sharing it with your family and friends:

The hallowed ground were the Memorial now stands serves as a special place of reflection and remembrance for veterans of all ages and eras, and for any who support our armed forces.

In its 30 years of life The Wall has taken on many different roles. From a homecoming and reunion location, to a spot that heals feelings of grief, heartbreak, guilt and pain, the importance of The Wall cannot be overstated. We are proud to share this video that commemorates the construction of this great memorial that has meant so much to so many.

Thank you for your continued support.


Jan C. Scruggs
Founder and President

P.S.  I’ve been reading the stories of your visits to The Wall and been especially moved by many of them.  I personally want to thank you for sharing them with me.  All of these stories and memories will help future generations of visitors connect with The Wall, just as many of you have.  You can still share your experience at The Wall by submitting your story today.


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