Hospital for West Maui


We have been attempting to obtain acreage for a West Maui Veterans Cemetery from the Ka’anapali Land Management company.

They are developing a project known as Ka’anapali 20/20.  The cornerstone of this very worthy project is a Hospital for West Maui. Currently the only hospital is in Kahului which is approximately 45 minutes away IF the road isn’t closed by rock slides, accidents or fires along the sides of the road. These do happen numerous times every year.OOPS, THERE GOES YOUR ‘GOLDEN ‘HOUR!

Joe Pluta of West Maui Tax Payers Association has been trying VERY hard to get  a hospital but in Hawaii that is no easy trick.

Ka’anapali 20/20 has been working very hard to get it’s project going and has held extensive hearings and meeting to address the public’s needs and desires. The local people are united behind this well thought out plan. The current economy is not helping either.

They have set aside 15 acres for Cemetery’s. 7.5 acres each for Veterans and Civilians.

The details are still being worked out and you will learn more as it develops.

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