Plei Me Battle Story- Early Vietnam OCT 65

This is really a short combat story of saving troops in Vietnam– big for an email. Patty Locher (married to the F-4 aircrew whospent 37 days escaping from the NVA)a former intel officer in Thailand sent me this story. I think it is very good and some of you will recognize some of the USAF pilots. The photos are quite good for their age. I left her comments and some other backup data. The story includes O-1, A-1, helicopters, and C-123s.

Several years ago I corresponded with a guy writing a book about the Plei Me Battle – I’m still not sure if he finished his book but I am still on his email list and something has caused him to surface recently – this is one result – actually one of the better picture stories I have seen is a while – you might like it also For many years, I’d told Sol that I’d dig out my pix of Plei Me. Finally, his msg that it’s been 45 years stirred me to rummage through the attic to look for my slides and tattered copy I’d sent Newsweek. Yesterday I located my cache, cleaned the mildew off the slides as best I could, scanned them, and made a little PowerPoint show by adding stuff from my notes of so long ago. All the best to everyone. bill William J. Cook Falls Church, VA USA

Please click on the image to view more photos.

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